Bonna_Maze V4

With an aim to craft beautiful table appearances for busy dining environments Maze, by Bonna, does this with ease and perfection.

I was quite frankly, and somewhat absurdly, excited as I unpacked my latest purchase. The oversized platter and the coupe bowl in particular just look stunning. A dinner party was in the pipeline and now the piece de resistance had arrived!

I’m no chef but one thing I do know – perception is everything. If it looks stunning it sure will taste pretty good too.

Why Bonna?

30 years of experience. scratch resistant. edge chip resistant. stackable. microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

And pretty. did I mention how good it looks?

While you may laugh I have to say the response from my guests was in step with my expectations.

Maze is now in stock along with Lenta Ash, Odette Olive and Patera. Email for samples or visit our showroom.