Talismano famiglia


Innovation is the catch cry of Luigi Bormioli and the Talismano range released at Ambiente, at the beginning of this year, is no exception. Pushing glassmaking to the edge with its ultra-thin rim, super lightweight bowls and flexible, delicately thin stems, Talismano is their best release yet. Despite the fine craftmanship the glass maintains it’s strength and brilliancy. The simple shape, with the bowl’s almost flat base, creates a unique decanter effect accentuating the taste and aroma of wine.

As with all Luigi Talismano is:

  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Made from premium lead free crystal glass
  • Super strong
  • Brilliantly transparent
  • Has a high resistance to breakage
  • Eco friendly

This range is suited to exclusive and high end establishments – those who desire the latest and greatest. Early adopters who want the best and love to be first to market.

So… not for everyone but definitely for some!

Talking of buyers. The retail buyers, who accompanied us to Ambiente in Frankfurt, were quick to signal their interest. With plenty of choice of suppliers and new products they placed orders immediately. A good sign – as they know what works, are typically fairly conservative, and mostly say no to everything (:

Let us know if you want some samples!


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