Stanley Rogers have a super cool range of cheese knives that you might not have seen yet….and YES the right knife, for the right cheese, is the go.

By having the correct cheese knife you can prevent the hospitality blunders of messy, sticky, awkward, flying across the room cheese moments.

Never had that problem? Don’t read on.

Soft & Creamy Cheese #50762

Use for creamy cheeses such as Brie and Camembert.

The long, thin and flat blade of this knife allows you to slice through the gooey cheese with ease.50762 SR Long Soft Cheese Knife RS LR

Soft and Semi-Soft Cheese #50763

Use for soft cheeses such Fontina or Provolone.

The hole in the blade prevents the cheese sticking to the knife allowing you to slice through these cheeses cleanly.

50763 SR Slotted Soft Cheese Knife RS LR

Firm & Semi Firm Cheese #50783

Use for cheeses such as Aged Cheddar or Blue Cheese

The wide, fat blade is perfect for crumbly or semi firm cheeses as it cuts firmly and provides a stable platform to transfer the cheese to the cracker… and then into your mouth!

50783 SR Mini Cleaver RS LR

Hard and Extra Hard Cheese #50764

Use for hard cheeses such as Parmesan or Pecorino

The sharp arched blade gives leverage to wrestle that cheese from the block and onto the plate or platter. 50764 SR Hard Cheese Knife RS LR

Spreader #50784

Cheeses are seldom laid out without a few other snacking options such as fruit, condiments, meats and crackers. The spreader, with its rounded blade is perfect for quince, pate or cream cheese. You may need a few of these.50784 SR Cheese Spreader RS LR

Hope you feel more in the know.

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