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Patera, is now in stock.

One thing that has been hard to replicate at home, during our weeks of lockdown, has been the artistry of professional chefs. Now, as restaurants open their doors and begin trading, we can again enjoy the creativity and mastery of beautifully plated food.

Food + Plate = Delight.

A “wow” eating experience should capture this full sensorial picture – with taste, sight and smell all playing their part. Delicious food, poorly presented, will impact on how your customers perceive their food experience and will dictate whether they come back……or not.

Whether they recommend and rave….or not.

This is why we are so passionate to bring to the market new and beautifully crafted plates.

To enable the “wow”.

Patera, with its earthy, handmade, artisan feel has a warmth that is inviting. Perfect for our winter season.

The range consists of the following pieces:

  • Plate – 21cm and 27cm
  • Flared Bowl – 23cm
  • Deep Bowl – 13cm
  • Round Dish – 9cm
  • Le Piece de resistance Platter – 32cm

Patera, is part of the Envisio product offering of Bonna, which is especially designed to serve the hospitality channel. Along with stunning design aesthetics is has the following features which allow it to stand up to the rigours of a busy eatery. All items are edge chip resistant, scratch resistant, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Happy plating from the Fackelmann Foodies!

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