Aging is a reality. One that is uncomfortable for many.

Think dribbling, adult nappies, and death. (YIKES)

Like it or not however we need to face the very real fact of an aging population. By 2036, 1 in 4.5 people in new Zealand will be over the age of 65 – that’s 1,258,500 people. That’s an increase from 2016 of 77%*

A problem. Or an opportunity?

What I currently see in the aged care sector is a very drab, white, often cheap, hospital-like offering  of dinnerware, serve-ware and tableware. An offer that ignores the very fact that old people are people. With personality, likes and dislikes, need for connection, respect and diligent care.

I see an opportunity for us promoting into this sector – where we increase the diversity, colour and innovation of our product offer to treat those in aged care facilities with the dignity they deserve.

We’ve begun putting together a collection of products from our suppliers to guide you with a basic offer. We want to highlight the innovation from two of our suppliers, Schonwald and Royal Porcelain, who have added colour and design features that make it easier for older people to stay independent. Click here to view


We’re looking forward to engaging more with you around this growing sector.

From The Fackelmann Foodie Team x

* http://www.superseniors.msd.govt.nz