Not sure if you knew…. but real men drink beer from a glass. True.

And beer is the topic of the time.

It’s Friday 4pm and let’s be honest, there may be only one thing on your mind.

Ha. Maybe not.


We wanted to upskill you on the Birrateque range from Luigi Bormioli because this range is a secret superstar that your premium venues will rave about.

We stock six glasses from the range and each has been specifically designed for a particular beer type. As with wine, the glass makes a massive difference to the taste and experience of whatever you are drinking. Here are the features of these glasses:

  • Laser cut fine rims – pure class.
  • Chimney to balance the aromas – brilliant taste.
  • Head Space to hold the foam which avoids the oxidation of beer – required.
  • Bowl Shape curved (or not) to enhance the aromas – thought through.
  • Narrow stem making it easy to hold and reducing the heat transfer from hand to beer – nothing better than a cold beer!
  • Flat Base which is stable and prevents spillage – important.
  • Foam Control System – Laser etched circles at the base of the glass help maintain a fine and persistent stream of bubbles replenishing the head and releasing the aroma at the same time – nice.

And, they look super cool too. Can you pick a favourite?

Hope this helps to give you a bit more knowledge on this range. If you want to get samples please let us know.

Watch the Luigi video for further smarts


From The Fackelmann Foodies x