Recently we posted on the truth that real men (and women) drink beer from a glass.


Because we sell glasses… and… because we’re pushing for change.

Step 1 = Drink beer from a glass not the bottle.

Step 2 = Drink from a glass designed for beer rather than a cheap and nasty.

Step 3 = Real appreciation of the craftsmanship of the brewer

Some people are sticklers to change however. They need to see to believe – Try before they buy.

So here’s an opportunity to do just this:

Everyone who subscribes to this email during the month of July gets one entry into the competition to win a set (2) of birrateque glasses of your choice – IPA. Pilsner. Wheat. Seasonal. Stout. Universal. Six sets to be won.

We’ll let the winner know at the end of the month and we look forward to sharing all that is new, need to knows, deals and industry trends with you.  Good luck!

From The Fackelmann Foodies.

Birrateque Verticale bassa

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