#intheknowwoman holding wine glasses

The everyday glass, which we don’t give a second thought to, has a hidden side.

Like an iceberg we see a portion. Underneath there is a mass of activity that delivers a glass to your table.

Glassmakers have a passion and dedication to excellence & innovation that would rival our country’s best viticulturists.

When walking through a glass factory your senses get hit with heat, noise and the energy of industry. Furnaces operating 24 hours, 365 days a year. Engineers constantly fixing and repairing parts on the go. Technicians, in white coats, sourcing and testing raw materials – sand (the key ingredient) shipped across oceans in an effort for “best”. In the backroom scientists check and monitor quality on regular schedules – testing strength, clarity, and consistency. Glasses are rejected at a rate of knots – the tiniest imperfection knocking them off conveyor belts and back into the smelter. Forklifts beep across forecourts stacking pallet after pallet of goods ready for shipment. Marketeers in their offices producing collateral, telling the story and doing deals….

So much goes into the process but when you speak to any of our suppliers they all have one thing in common – Passion & Hard Work. Ingredients that never change in successful business.


Why would you care?

Firstly, confidence.

The glass manufacturers we represent – Luigi Bormioli, Bormioli Rocco, Ocean Glass and Pasabahce are world class.

Secondly, knowledge.

The more you know the better you can sell.

Here’s some facts for you:

Glass is 100% recyclable (never sell a plastic cup again)

Glass can be recycled indefinitely and not lose its quality.

Glass is made from sand, soda ash and lime.

Crystal glass has added ingredients for clarity and strength such as (ZnO), (CaO)

Tempered glass is heated to over 600 degrees and then quickly cooled – making it 4-6 times stronger than ordinary glass

Factories produce 100million+ products per year per factory

– that’s a lot of glasses to sell.

If you have any questions please let us know! We have downloadable guides available for you to upskill in products and brands.

The Fackelmann Foodies Team x