We’ve self appointed this week as whiskey week.


Well, why not?

Whiskey is certainly a “thing” and our suppliers are certainly gearing up their new ranges for 2021 to reflect the trend.

As a non whiskey drinker a poll was required of the staff

– why the love of the throat burning spirit?

“It reminds me of the time…” “Perfect for warming up in winter”,”You forget everything”, “the tastes are brilliant”, “Dulls the senses”, “Mondiale”,“I wouldn’t drink whiskey like I would wine – it’s the sense of occasion”, “It’s the gentleman’s drink”….

The stand out answer was the quote below – which may have been stolen (and the person will remain anonymous)

The answer’s always at the bottom of the bottle…The problem is that you forget the question by the time you get there!

By this I’m not sure if we’ve uncovered any true whiskey connoisseurs in our ranks however, we do have options aplenty when it comes to what to drink the whiskey out of.

Have a look through as I’m sure there’s some new glasses in there that you might not have seen.


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If something catches your eye or if you’re looking for something different to set one of your customers apart from their competitors please get in touch to see our full range.

The Fackelmann Foodies team x