Here’s an innovative idea from Bormioli Rocco…

White sangria in a jar

This sweet and fragrant cocktail is perfect when served in the new cylindrical Quattro Stagioni jars!

You need

750 ml – 3 ¼ cups prosecco sparkling Italian wine
50 ml – ¼ cup vodka
1 yellow peach
1 orange
1 pink grapefruit
2 limes
10 cherries
50 gr – ¼ cup sugar
A few sprigs of mint
5 Quattro Stagioni jars 320 ml – 11 oz
5 Quattro Stagioni lids Ø 86 mm – 3.3 in

How to prepare White Sangria in a Jar

First, wash the fruit carefully. Cut the orange, the pink grapefruit and one of the limes into 5 slices each. Juice the second lime using a juice squeezer and filter it into a bowl. Add the vodka, the prosecco and the sugar.

Whisk these together until the sugar has dissolved. Now we move on to preparing the other fruits: slice the peach into 10 slices, cut the cherries in half and remove the pit. Take your Quattro Stagioni jars and wash them under running water. Place a slice of orange, grapefruit and lime, 4 pieces of cherry and 2 slices of peach inside each jar. Add a few mint leaves to add a touch of freshness to your Sangria. Pour the liquid you have prepared into the jars, without filling to the top, and close each jar with a Quattro Stagioni lid.

Allow to rest in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. When you are ready to serve your white sangria, top the jars with a few ice cubes and serve them ice cold.

Love to see you have a go!

The Facklemann Foodies Team x