We feel your pain.

The uncertainty of doing business in the context of a global pandemic is tough. There are many things that are out of our control. Projects are being delayed or put on hold, there are and will continue to be stock and supply issues, the customers who have been strong in the past may not be so in the future and the cost of doing business will increase.

So what’s the good news?

The good news is that eventually business will get back to normal. Disruption to trading will stop and we will look back and realise that through this we have learnt new skills, entered the online space, improved our business models, innovated our services and products, and survived!

A couple of questions we are asking ourselves to guide us through to those better days are:

  1. Where are the bright spots?
    Look at the who, what, when and where of all that is over achieving in this season and redirect your efforts.
    For instance, with delays and disruption to supply ex Europe and the US our Thai suppliers Ocean Glassware and Royal Porcelain are performing well above the curve – so we can tell you with confidence to quote and sell these brands and products.
    Age Care is in growth – so we can focus our new product development and releases for 2021 into this sector
    Internet and TV cooking shows are booming – so let’s jump into that space Alex and start a show….well maybe not…. (:

  2. How can we support those who are continuing to drive and thrive in this new normal?
    What do your customers need?
    You are out there doing the hard yards so we’ve set up a dedicated foodservice website http://www.fackelmannfoodservicenz.com so you can have at your fingertips the latest information – New products. Deals. Training material. How To’s. Catalogues. Downloadable Guides…
    We’ve just loaded our updated Wiltshire catalogue for anyone who wants to have a look through. We will continue to upload new content and information so be sure to save the site in your favourites and have a read back through some of the earlier posts to catch up.

If there is anything else you would like to see on our site please let us know.
Kia Kaha,

The Fackelmann Foodies Team x