It’s cheese month in New Zealand.

It’s official.

And what a spectacular theme for the month. Who doesn’t LOVE cheese right?

Mmmmm cheese….

But cheese, without the presentation and correct cutting utensils, is a half cured experience.

Fortunately we can be of assistance here. We have the most spectacular boards in stock under our Stanley Rogers brand with a range of stainless steel and wooden cheese knives to accompany them. There is nothing in the market quite like them so they will be absolutely perfect for your customers who are striving to stand out from the competition.

It’s interesting to note that the cheese industry is experiencing renewed interest and growth as kiwis learn to travel and explore their beautiful country.

“As people spend more time travelling around their country they’re beginning to appreciate and connect with New Zealand’s vibrant community of artisan cheesemakers. This is resulting in ongoing purchasing of locally made cheeses as well as a heightened understanding of the many different types of cheese made here”

C’est Cheese Artisan Cheese & Deli owner Paul Broughton

Hope you get the chance for a cheesy indulgence this month!

Cheers, the Fackelmann Foodies Team x