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As distilleries and mixologists create new and fabulous flavours of gin you get to decide what glass you want to serve it in. Presentation really is everything these days and there are loads of options to make these unique creations stand out.

The balloon glass has become super popular in the last few years and for good reason. The 600-800ml capacity holds lots of ice and allows the aromas and flavours of the botanicals to develop and shine.

The Rocks (Old Fashioned) is the traditional option with 180-300ml capacity. It’s low sides makes muddling – mixing the fruit and sugars –  a breeze.

The Highball with its tall sides and 300-350ml capacity is perfect to display garnish with lots of room for plenty of ice and tonic.

The martini, flute or coupe are the style options – nothing more impressive than gin served in an unexpected vessel!

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