Vinoteque Decanter – 2 Litre – 203915

Personally, I like everything classic. The good old reliable simple and clean look. Black and White.
A bit understated. To me that’s all class…..but I know that I may be in the minority in this regard.
But seriously, how beautiful is this Vinoteque Decanter?

For those with a more vibrant (thinking crazy bright floral wearing peeps), or those with a modern “on trend” leaning we’ve just landed in two new wine decanters. Both made by Luigi Bormioli from the Vinea range. They look a little futuristic and they’re pretty pretty too. We’ve brought in the two larger sizes. Both are 750ml and designed and made in Italy. Perfecto!

Whatever your tastes we’ve got a solution ready. Feel free to get in touch.

Cheers, The Fackelmann Foodies Team!