An iconic twist – new product in stock

#new The iconic Bistro jug has been part of the Bormioli Rocco range since..... forever. A consistent super-star performer. It does always amaze me how our suppliers can, and continue to, innovate on the tried and true - how a simple twist (quite literally in this instance) can create a simple yet stunning new product. … Continue reading An iconic twist – new product in stock

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Got some time on your hands?

#intheknow Perfect. We've uploaded a whole bunch of short videos onto our youtube channel for you to watch, use and/or share. Get up to speed with tutorials on products, new to market promos plus loads more. Click on the youtube icon on the navigation bar at the top left of the page to view them … Continue reading Got some time on your hands?

Fresh Ideas

#howto Here's an innovative idea from Bormioli Rocco... White sangria in a jar This sweet and fragrant cocktail is perfect when served in the new cylindrical Quattro Stagioni jars! You need 750 ml – 3 ¼ cups prosecco sparkling Italian wine 50 ml – ¼ cup vodka 1 yellow peach 1 orange 1 pink grapefruit … Continue reading Fresh Ideas

Whiskey Wednesday 50% off

#deals Nothing like a deal to get things on the radar. We have two styles of a whiskey taster glass from Luigi Bormioli that we want to see in the market. Perhaps price has been a hindrance because the glass is stunning... Luigi Bormioli  high-tech blown lead free crystal glass  ultra clear, totally transparent and … Continue reading Whiskey Wednesday 50% off

Monks are responsible

#intheknow A little bit of history Whiskey is a dark distilled spirit that is made from a variety of grains, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whiskey was originally used as a medicine, both as an internal anesthetic and an external antibiotic. Distilling techniques were brought to Ireland and Scotland sometime between 1100 and 1300 … Continue reading Monks are responsible

More than meets the eye

#intheknow The everyday glass, which we don't give a second thought to, has a hidden side. Like an iceberg we see a portion. Underneath there is a mass of activity that delivers a glass to your table. Glassmakers have a passion and dedication to excellence & innovation that would rival our country's best viticulturists. When … Continue reading More than meets the eye

Tablekraft Black

#trending Nothing looks as stunning as food presented on dinnerware that is black #inmyopinion Tablekraft Black represents a versatile collection of plates and bowls with simple lines and curves to hold any variety of food plating and sauces. Tablekraft is created from the highest quality porcelain. High glazed, scratch resistant with a distinctly modern appeal. … Continue reading Tablekraft Black

Looking at it won’t make it bend

#intheknow Stainless steel. 18/10. In stock. All sizes + lids. They might not be the sexiest things to talk about but gastronorm pans are essential tools of the trade. In the shop front, or out the back, they are needed by everyone, everywhere in our world of hospitality and catering. What isn't needed is poor … Continue reading Looking at it won’t make it bend