Monks are responsible

#intheknow A little bit of history Whiskey is a dark distilled spirit that is made from a variety of grains, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whiskey was originally used as a medicine, both as an internal anesthetic and an external antibiotic. Distilling techniques were brought to Ireland and Scotland sometime between 1100 and 1300 … Continue reading Monks are responsible

More than meets the eye

#intheknow The everyday glass, which we don't give a second thought to, has a hidden side. Like an iceberg we see a portion. Underneath there is a mass of activity that delivers a glass to your table. Glassmakers have a passion and dedication to excellence & innovation that would rival our country's best viticulturists. When … Continue reading More than meets the eye

Tablekraft Black

#trending Nothing looks as stunning as food presented on dinnerware that is black #inmyopinion Tablekraft Black represents a versatile collection of plates and bowls with simple lines and curves to hold any variety of food plating and sauces. Tablekraft is created from the highest quality porcelain. High glazed, scratch resistant with a distinctly modern appeal. … Continue reading Tablekraft Black

Looking at it won’t make it bend

#intheknow Stainless steel. 18/10. In stock. All sizes + lids. They might not be the sexiest things to talk about but gastronorm pans are essential tools of the trade. In the shop front, or out the back, they are needed by everyone, everywhere in our world of hospitality and catering. What isn't needed is poor … Continue reading Looking at it won’t make it bend

old beats “new” every time

#trending   I hear the outcry. "No" "Everyone wants new - something different!!!" Wrong. Once a line is established in a category, no matter how many copies, no matter what people say, the tried and true prevails. A classic example is Casablanca by Pasabahce. Toughened, stackable, well-priced, good quality glasses. Used for coffee (hot and cold), … Continue reading old beats “new” every time

Friday Quiz – What do a glass and a hammer have in common?

#demo Thought this would be fun to share on a Friday. #whatgoesonattradefairs #whatwedo #BormioliRocco #Sara   Yes. You did see right....From another angle???     Believe it or not this glass is that strong. Sara is a range of toughened glasses from Italian glass makers Bormioli Rocco. Toughened glass goes through a special process during … Continue reading Friday Quiz – What do a glass and a hammer have in common?

What does a chef look for when choosing a knife? Kylie Kwong reveals her insights.

#intheknow Who doesn't want to get some insight into what the professionals use and love? Here Kylie Kwong, who we are honoured to have as our FURI brand ambassador, reveals her pick from the range and the "whys" behind that choice. Kylie Kwong was born into a fourth-generation Australian-Chinese family, in Sydney. She learnt the … Continue reading What does a chef look for when choosing a knife? Kylie Kwong reveals her insights.

Plain and boring? Or overlooked opportunity?

#intheknow Royal Porcelain, based in Thailand, are one of Asia's leading manufacturers of high quality ceramic tableware and Fackelmann are the distributors for the New Zealand market. #newsflash - if you didn't know! The Chelsea range in particular can be found everywhere and it is ripe for replenishment and range extensions. Plain and simple, but … Continue reading Plain and boring? Or overlooked opportunity?

Matrix technology – intrigued?

#new   MATRIX FRYPANS FROM STANLEY ROGERS Revolutionary non-stick frypans with a protective stainless steel matrix. Bringing you the hybrid performance of stainless steel and non-stick all in one pan. Perfect for searing and browning meat but without the stick! 100% metal utensil safe TRI-PLY construction. Premium 18/10 stainless steel interior, rapid heat conducting aluminium … Continue reading Matrix technology – intrigued?